the English Government’s risky venture


On Monday 19 July, the last health restrictions in England will be lifted. Ironically, Boris Johnson and his economy minister are forced into isolation. They were in contact with the Minister of Health, who has just tested positive.

as reported from London, Marie Boëda

Do what I say, not what I do. The phrase almost dressed the British government perfectly. While the Minister of Health is infected with Covid, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Economic Affairs who worked with him did not intend to submit to quarantine. They announced it on Sunday morning. “A slap in the face to all those who have made sacrifices to isolate themselves,” the opposition exclaims. Because the authorities at the same time urge the population to be vigilant and to stay at home when needed.

Three hours later, a turnaround, Boris Johnson and his minister declare that they are finally in isolation.

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In recent days, 500,000 people have searched the island for the equivalent of the anti-Covid app. This means that they are in contact and that they must be placed in quarantine. Some companies have already announced that they may no longer be able to function properly.

And it could get worse since Monday in England, no more mandatory indoor masks (with rare exceptions in public transport in London and Manchester) and nightclubs will reopen.

A strategy that the government adopts. When researchers fear that this reopening will promote the emergence of new varieties.


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