the indictment drops the charges against the activist


The prosecutor is releasing the allegations of money laundering against Nicholas Opiyo, one of the country’s most famous human rights defenders and most critical of the government. His arrest in December last year, which was condemned by many civic freedom activists, caused a stir in the middle of a tense election campaign ahead of the January vote. He was released a few days later. His trial had been suspended for months.

as reported from Kampala, Lucie Mouillaud

It’s a relief for David Mpanga, lawyer for Nicholas Opiyo. After nine months of investigation, the prosecutor had not yet presented evidence to the judges. Last week, the court therefore gave the prosecutor seven days to disclose the results of the investigations.

An unsustainable delay, according to the spokesperson’s spokesperson. But for David Mpanga, the money laundering litigation that began in December was not meant to succeed, but to put his client under pressure.

Before the vote in January last year, Nicholas Opiyo had been very critical of the police. He also investigated the protests in November, in which 54 people died according to official reports.

Today there are no more charges against him. However, the Ugandan authorities disbanded their civil liberties organization a few weeks ago, along with 53 other NGOs. In question: that certain administrative procedures are not respected. Fees denied by Nicholas Opiyo.


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