the inhabitants of Goma faced the problem of access


the recent eruption of the Nyiragongo volcano disrupted access to drinking water in the city of Goma and its surroundings in northern Kivu; the cistern that supplied the city was damaged by lava. The technical teams estimate ten million US dollars, the amount to rehabilitate the damage. During this time, it is difficult for the residents of Goma.

With our special correspondent in Goma, William basimike

Carine Kavira, 25, traveled several kilometers to collect water from Lake Kivu. With a twenty liter can on her back, she returns tired to the Katoyi area.

“From here to the lake it is about 7 km, so I am exhausted, but nothing to do, we have no choice because the water does not come out of the taps. It is raining, but experts have recommended that we do not drink or use rainwater or even that in the lake, as it is full of dust or particles from the volcano that are toxic to us. But what else do you do? The taps are dry. Some residents, who are even further away from us from the lake, also go there to fetch water. ”

Like Kavira, other young people do not hesitate to use all means, including tricycles full of cans.

And with good reason, the tank was damaged with a capacity of 5,000 cubic meters from the REGIDESO distribution authority, which is located in Bushara, north of Goma, on Saturday. It is largely surrounded by lava from the Nyiragongo volcano. The government delegation, which is staying here, visited it on Tuesday.

“It’s the big reservoir that’s gone,” explains David Angoyo, provincial director for REGIDESO North Kivu. The western wall was hit by lava and the fire destroyed almost the entire concrete. Unfortunately, the material intended to strengthen the water production system was also consumed. In total, the needs have been quantified and evaluated: emergency measures to $ 663,900 and corrective measures to $ 9,514,900, the whole is 10 million. “

On behalf of the Congolese government, Minister of Health Jean-Jacques Mbungani, who heads the delegation, promised that solutions would be found very quickly to liberate the population in terms of drinking water distribution.

We will help ensure that there is access to drinking water, which is important. I have had reports of recurrence of diseases such as cholera. We must absolutely avoid this.

Doctor Jean-Jacques Mbungani, Minister of Health


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