The Libyan official expresses concern over the election


On Wednesday, Libyan Prime Minister Khalid al-Mishri expressed concern over plans to hold presidential elections in the absence of a constitution.

“We have real concerns about electing a president in the absence of a constitution,” al-Mishri said during a meeting in the capital Tripoli.

Al-Mishri said there was a possibility of a “coup” in Libya, without giving any further details.

The Prime Minister and the Unity Government disagree with the Libyan parliament regarding election laws, amid plans to hold presidential and parliamentary elections next month.

“The council refuses to allow dual citizens and military personnel to run in elections,” al-Mishri said.

The President-in-Office of the Council praised Turkey’s support for Libya.

“All countries have turned a blind eye to (putschist General Khalifa) Haftar’s attack on Tripoli in 2019 except Turkey and Qatar,” he said. “Without Turkish support, we would not have seen any talks about the election now.”

Libya’s presidential and parliamentary elections will take place on December 24, according to an agreement reached by Libyan political rivals in Tunisia on November 15, 2020.

Libyans hope that the forthcoming elections will help put an end to an armed conflict that has plagued the oil-rich country for several years.

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