the operational consequences of the delay in


The process of appointing the future president of Ceni is at a standstill. The religious communities responsible for appointing him still disagree and the ultimatum given to religious communities from the National Assembly office is largely exceeded. This is one of the few issues that are unanimous among the political class: the elections must not take place after 2023.

as reported from Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

In the power camp as in the opposition and even among the religious, it is claimed that it is necessary to start preparing for these elections now. But the stagnation of the current situation does not help.

Corneille Nangaa, outgoing chair of CENI, insists that technical operations should start, which means that the constitutional deadline can be met. “Political issues are flexible, that is, they can be resolved quickly, according to the whims of politicians. On the other hand, the technical issues are rigid. You have to respect a certain number of conditions, he tells RFI.

Today, he says, it is important to clean up and update the ballot papers, add new adults and eradicate the dead. Studies must be carried out, tools must be designed, tenders must be launched and new equipment must be purchased.

All these operations have not yet begun. The focus is on more political issues. All in a context where CENI agents accuse 10 months’ salary payment.


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