the opposition between the president and his prime minister


The source of the tension between the two men: the disappearance and probable death of Ikran Tahlil, an agent for the intelligence service, Nisa, in June last year. A case where the hierarchy in Nisa is suspected, but protected by the president. Although the mediation began last weekend, the two men continue to make parallel and contradictory decisions.

On Monday, President Farmajo appointed a commission of inquiry consisting of judges into the disappearance of the young Ikran Tahlil, with a member elected by Nisa. But in advance, his prime minister had entrusted this investigation to military justice, therefore out of reach of Nisa, an initiative that, it, was supported by the victim’s family.

So the settlement between the two men continues, despite their tête-à-tête on Saturday. The only progress made, according to a Somali journalist: Farmajo and Mohamed Hussein Roble have set up a liaison committee between their two offices and “keep a line of communication open”.

According to the same source, in the face of confusion, anyone who can act as a mediator is urged to intervene. On Saturday, two regional governors, Farmajo’s allies, tried to reconcile the views. And a financial settlement, called “blood debt”, would even have been proposed to the Ikran Tahlil family.

But the victim’s father spoke publicly for the first time on Saturday. He launched for the intelligence services he suspects of the crime: “Give us back her body or make her live.”

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