The polling station announces the results of the 1PV local elections in Somalia’s Puntland


GAROWE ( AXADLE) – The Puntland Transitional Election Commission (TPEC) has announced the results of the “one-person-one-vote” local elections that took place on Monday in the districts of Qardho, Eyl and Ufeyl.

According to TPEC, the election had a good turnout, with 76% of almost 40,000 registered voters voting with 3,366 votes declared invalid.

Twenty-three women have been elected to the council, with most women elected in the Qardho district. Women achieved the 30% quota in Ufeyn, with eight women elected, while Qardho’s quota has 27% of 33 seats. Voters in the Eyl district elected 6 women out of 27 council members, which accounts for 22% of the total seats.

Overall, the Kaah Party – led by Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni – was the top winner, securing 35 seats – or 40% of the total vote in the three districts.

Mideeye got 25 of the possible 87 seats while the Justice and Equality Party had the third best showing with 20 seats in three districts.

Kaah came up again in Ufeyn and secured 10 of the possible 27 places.

Mideeye came in close to two, with eight seats, while the Justice and Equality party trailed slightly by seven. Horseed and Mustaqbal each secured their place.

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