the start of the trial of former Prime Minister Augustin


We have just been given a hearing date, for a hearing that is set for, it is unclear what fee, at this time. And above all in front of a chamber that is apparently not at all competent to judge him, namely the Constitutional Court. While his case – provided he does not benefit from immunity – should have been tried by the Court of Cassation. So in front of a clearly incompetent chamber and a file that we did not understand, it really needs to be defended, so I plan to go to this constitutional court. This is an issue that unfortunately symbolizes a serious violation of Matata’s fundamental rights and freedoms. In the sense that for several months he has been subjected to rather political attacks, which are organized under the protection of a false act. And the attacks have become so important that it seems important to me that it has an effective international defense.

I’m Antoine Vey, lawyer for Matata Ponyo


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