the two rappers from Y’en a marre are waiting to be fixed


The rappers Simon Kouka and Kilifeu – two founders of the civic movement Y’en a marre – were brought to the prosecution on Monday 13 September. The first is prosecuted for passport trading, the second for visa fraud. Still detained, they should know on Tuesday, September 14 if an investigating judge is arrested.

as reported from Dakar, Thea Ollivier

Rappers and activists Simon Kouka and Kilifeu remain in custody, after Monday spent in court. The prosecutor decided that the indictment should be returned, that is, he considered that the file was not complete enough to appear immediately and he referred them to the police.

One of their lawyers, Me Bamba Cissé, explains that the prosecutor can take an investigating judge from Tuesday: “As soon as he receives the file, he notes that there are additional elements to search and he decides to send them for legal information and I think that we will go there. “

“Politics is no stranger to this affair” Simon Kouka, accused of human trafficking, risks five to ten years in prison. Kilifeu is charged with visa fraud, a crime that can be worth up to a year in prison. But initiating a judicial inquiry is disproportionate, according to their lawyer Me Cissé, who recalls that these two founders of the Y ‘a marre distinguished themselves by taking regular positions that were critical of power.

“It’s a very simple affair, I think, there is nothing to look for in any further elements at all,” said Me Cissé. “These are facts questioned by the Kilifeu and Y’en a marre movement. “They are involved in a visa smuggling operation. But politics are no stranger to this business.”

Two members of the presidential majority are also quoted in a similar case of diplomatic passport trading.


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