Tigray forces deny claims they’re backed by overseas fighters


The Tigray Defense Forces [TDF] now says he has by no means collaborated with overseas fighters in the continuing standoff with the Ethiopian National Defense Forces [ENDF], whilst the battle between the 2 factions intensified within the north.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed not too long ago claimed that TDF, previously TPLF, was getting assist from overseas fighters, however he didn’t disclose the staff. The ENDF additionally benefited from the assist of regional forces in Eritrea and Amhara.

Getachew Reda, TDF spokesman, dismissed the claims as false, including that the prime minister was shedding floor and “slowly going mad”. According to him, the TDF have been preventing alone to displace the ENDF and even to grab Addis Ababa.

“Abiy’s newest declare: Aliens-black and white, to boot-fought alongside our forces on the Wollo entrance. A variety of persons are adamant it’s proof that he’s clinically insane. Of course it’s. But it’s insanity with the tactic, “he said. noted.

“Read along side his religious guru, Daniel Kibret’s inflammatory remarks about Wolloyes’ complicity with ‘TPLF forces’ to carry about his ignominious defeat on the Wollo entrance, Abiy insinuates that’ expatriate terrorists’, presumably Muslim, have participated within the struggle. He would not blame TPLF, he blames Wollo.

The TDF spokesperson additionally insisted that the ENDF below the administration of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was committing genocide in Tigray, including that the Ethiopian folks won’t be displaced in the approaching months.

Earlier, the provocative spokesperson insisted that there was no preventing in Kombolcha and Dessie within the nation. Initially, the Ethiopian federal authorities condemned the TDF for taking on the 2 major cities of Amhara.

“He will blame the entire Ethiopian population for not being stupid enough to collectively commit suicide in the name of his delusional adventures. He must be stopped before he fully unleashes a 21st century version of ‘The State of nature “and shortly! We in Tigray are doing our half,” he said.

“Abiy Ahmed’s crumbling regime apparently claims that there is fighting going on in Dessie and Kombolcha and that our forces are targeting young people. This is absolutely wrong. His forces are far from being and his generals rush to go to Addis. The only reason they make up. ”

In an interview with the BBC, Getachew Reda beforehand claimed accountability for Tigray forces and the Oromo Liberation Army. [OLA] are bodily related and have the identical aim of capturing Addis Ababa. The preventing in Ethiopia has been occurring for 12 months.

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