UK warns citizens against travel to parts of Kenya following Al-Shabaab attacks


UK warns citizens against travel to parts of Kenya following Al-Shabaab attacks

NAIROBI, Kenya – The United Kingdom [UK] has issued a travel advisory to its citizens against travel to northeast Kenya due to persistent Al-Shabaab attacks primarily targeting non-locals, especially those in Kenya and foreign countries.

The UK has designated Lamu, Wajir, Mandera and Garissa counties as dangerous areas, adding that those wishing to travel to these areas should do so at their own risk due to Al-Shabaab’s presence.

The notice which was seen by Axadlewas released on Friday, with the UK saying the decision was made in light of the security situation on the ground. Al-Shabaab has constantly attacked non-locals in these arid counties.

The UK had previously advised against all but essential travel to areas within 60 km of the Kenya-Somalia border. But now they are also advising against all but essential travel to Mandera County, with the exception of Mandera West Sub-County.

They also issued an advisory against all but essential travel to eastern Garissa County. [up to 20km north-west], Lamu County [excluding Lamu Island and Manda Island], and the northern areas of Tana River County.

It comes hours after President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered internal security institutions to step up vigilance and surveillance across the country in the wake of the evolving security situation in the region. Uhuru came directly amid the uncertainty in Ethiopia and Somalia.

The head of state gave the instructions at the National Security Council meeting on Friday. Uhuru gave the directive even as police gave five terrorist suspects a Sh50m bounty.

Police put a price on the missing terrorist convict Elgiva Bwire, Salim Rashid Mohammed, Mohammad Abubakar, Barigi Abdikadir Haila and Trevor Ndwiga. Kenya has been fighting for some time with Al-Shabaab militants in said counties.

Last year, the Kenya Defense Forces [KDF] unveiled the Modika Barracks in Garissa, which will be used as the main forward operating base in the region. The KDF also has a team in sectors II and VI of AMISOM which is directly involved in the Al-Shabaab war.



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