Cameroon: Idocta, the application that helps fight coronavirus

With more than 12,000 cases of COVID-19 reported in Cameroon, many vulnerable people fear leaving their homes to seek medical treatment for other conditions. They are afraid of being exposed to the coronavirus in a health care setting. But thanks to IDocta, a new application, patients are now connected to doctors who can visit them at home. “This means that we can avoid going out and that we can meet the demands of social distance. This gives us a security that we could not have had if we had to go to the hospital where the queues are often long, where there are many people. So at home, the risk of pollution is extremely low, we are safe, says Sévérin Nsoé, a retired civil servant. More than 200 general practitioners and specialists are connected to this network. “The problem that IDocta solves is access to cheap healthcare for people. We have found that urban centers are overcrowded, hospitals are overcrowded in urban centers. And in the countryside we are facing what is called the phenomenon of medical deserts. IDocta provides a solution to improve people’s access to healthcare thanks to technology ”. Explains Yannick Mbarga, pharmacist and creator of IDocta. Each home visit costs US $ 9, slightly more than a consultation at a public hospital, but less than a time in a private clinic. The doctors are tested regularly for COVID-19. If they are positive, they are simply removed from the list of visiting doctors, according to the creator of the application. Yannick Mbarga also said that IDocta allows remote consultations. AP

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