arrest of opponent Etienne Daïpo N’Ponon of the EDS platform

Georges-Armand Ouégnin, president of the EDS platform, confirms that the two men know each other since they belong to the same movement, but that does not mean that the political leader endorses the personal initiatives of the cyber activist. He cries out for injustice.

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Our Secretary General, Mr. Étienne Daïpo N’Ponon, was placed under arrest warrant and currently incarcerated at the Abidjan Detention and Correctional House on charges such as “attack on national defense”, ” disturbances of public order ”,“ defamation ”,“ contempt ”,“ dissemination of false news ”. So, I really want to rebel against these counts. I do not recognize these charges attributed to Mr. N’Ponon. What I have to tell you is that since we have been in charge of EDS which was created three years ago, we have always advocated dialogue. When we associate our secretary general with charges, we are really surprised, we are amazed! It is unacceptable and unacceptable and we believe that these are acts of intimidation of the current power which tends to track down, even to muzzle the significant opposition to the approach of the elections which they know lost for them.

Georges-Armand Ouégnin, president of the EDS platform

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