controversy over the appointment of the new president of the Ceni

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The appointment of jurist Mamadi 3 Kaba as commissioner within the Independent Electoral Commission is debated. The political opposition opposes his appointment, considering him close to the authorities. Appointed Thursday May 14 by presidential decree, Mamadi 3 Kaba replaces Me Salif Kébé, who chaired the Ceni and who died on April 17 from the aftermath of Covid-19.

The sling mainly comes from the Bar Association, which is based on a judgment rendered by the Constitutional Court on May 4. Following the disappearance of Me Salif Kébé, the Court noted the vacancy of power within the Electoral Commission and provided that his successor would be appointed by the same organ of civil society which had carried him to the Ceni, namely, the Bar. Suddenly, seeing the appointment come from a presidential decree, the Law Society believes that a ” right was snatched from him ” ” Political maneuvers took precedence over the law, the authorities want a Ceni won over to his cause “, Comments a lawyer.

Same argument taken up by the political opposition, which calls for the appointment of a neutral personality, from civil society. However for the opposition, Mamadi 3 Kaba is ” a well-known activist of the Rassemblement du Peuple de Guinée (RPG) ” Witness his recent appointment as chief of staff to Amadou Damaro Camara, the new president of the National Assembly. Some activists at the RPG denounce a “ false trial “Brought against a renowned academic” serious and honest

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