disadvantaged students after the break of the school year


While the classes were disrupted last year by the Covid-19 pandemic, the start of the school year, which was to begin on October 5, could not take place, especially due to a strike by administrative staff. The latter demand that their salaries be paid. Delays in the course schedule accumulate and irritate students.

as reported from Antananarivo, LaetitiaBezain

“Administrative and technical staff on strike”, “Pay our salaries on time”, state banners hanging from the closed gate of the University of Antananarivo. In the study room on campus, his nose plunged into his notebooks, Rila, a history student, fears a chaotic year.

“Last year it was the Covid-19 pandemic and we told ourselves it would get better this year, but the return to school has not even begun because there are strikes everywhere. We are afraid that the lessons will again be rushed and waste our time. It is always the students who pay the price for this disorganization. We ask leaders to stop playing with our future. ”

For Hery, 27, in his fifth year of physics, the repeated strikes and the pandemic caused him to lose two years of study. “University officials always say that there is no empty year, but the reality is that when you calculated it, there were several empty years. We have reached a situation where there is congestion of students here. There is not enough space for everyone. The graduates this year will not be able to study here, although most of them will not have the opportunity to enter the private sector to be able to continue their studies. The President of the Republic always talks about the future of young people, but if he really cares about us, let him take care of the many problems with public universities. ”

About 100,000 young Malagasy people graduated last month. Most public faculties announced that they could not afford to receive them.


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