French ambassador summoned after election criticism

The Guinean Minister of Foreign Affairs summoned the French ambassador to Conakry on Wednesday after a press release from France questioning the credibility of the double legislative and referendum poll held on Sunday.

Discussions were firm on Wednesday between Guinean Foreign Minister Mamadi Touré and France’s ambassador Jean-Marc Grosgurin.

Concurrent sources said the Quai d’Orsay press release, published two days after the vote and supported by Germany, was at the center of the discussions: “ The non-inclusive and non-consensual nature of the electoral register, as well as the role played by elements of the security and defense forces beyond simply securing the process, did not allow for credible elections Said the statement. At least a dozen people have lost their lives during the unrest in the capital Conakry and several cities in the interior.

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The same morning, Naby Youssouf Kiridi Bangoura, spokesperson for the presidency, spoke on Radio Espace: How to judge a poll in which you did not participate in the organization or the observation Wondered the Minister of State.

The EU and the United States in tune

On Thursday, it was the European Union this time that used Paris’s comments in similar terms, adding that the “ acts of violence and the disproportionate use of force by the police are unacceptable

The day before, the United States had asked “ the Guinean government to promptly and transparently investigate all deaths related to the protests

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