heated arguments at MACA, Abidjan prison

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Shots were fired within the confines of the prison, following intense tension between two groups of prison officers. The omnipotence and abusive authority of supervisor Kassoum Koné, known as “The Machine”, is believed to be the source of the unrest.

With our correspondent in Abidjan, François Hume-Ferkatadji

Is this a mutiny within MACA, a gang war? By creating a crowd yesterday morning in the courtyard of the jail of Abidjan, detainees and part of the prison staff presumably wanted to question the abusive authority of a crooked supervisor, known as “The Machine”, at the head of a vast racket system.

This uprising is a sign of a general fed up with his practices, which ” violate the ethics and deontology of prison officers “Says Claude Dassé, an Ivorian journalist and author of an investigation into the embezzlement of Kassoum Koné, known as” La Machine “. A violent man accused of stealing money from prisoners and visitors.

Tensions rose after some agents began to unearth the fetishes that “The Machine” had hidden inside the MACA compound, a mystical practice to impose its authority on the country’s largest prison. An act of defiance which angered the head of the self-proclaimed prison, “La Machine” being described as very believer and follower of magic.

With his goons, they set out to create a mess and free prisoners, for revenge Explains a witness. The gendarmerie had to intervene and fire several shots in the direction of the fugitives. Three detainees were reportedly injured, one in the shoulder and two in the legs. This same witness affirms that “La Machine” was immobilized and handcuffed in the prison yard, then taken away by the gendarmerie.

Justice Minister Sansan Kambile quietly went there yesterday to ” restore calm “, Assures his cabinet. The Ministry of Justice announced in a press release that an investigation has been opened ” in order to locate the responsibilities in the occurrence of these unfortunate events “And says that” calm has returned to the prison establishment

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