the first transfers of power took place


In a five-minute speech, the coup leader promised to install a national unity government responsible for leading a political transition, the length of which has not been specified. The military began to replace the civilian authorities. The first handovers took place on Monday, for example in Kankan and Labé.

In Kankan, attachAlpha Condé where Mamady Doumbouya comes from, the handover took place between civilians and soldiers on Monday. The governor and the headmaster have been replaced. According to testimonies on the spot, the city of Haute Guinée was less lively than usual and the traffic was less dense in the morning before resuming more normally during the day.

Louncény Chérif, president of the Kankan Regional Civil Society Council, describes an atmosphere without resistance or support for the new authorities, “unlike other prefectures where soldiers have been escorted”.

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He evokes small groups of people, talking about politics and others, in front of his post, after the live broadcast of the speech by Mamady Doumbouya, at the People’s Palace, in Conakry.

In Labé, in Fouta Djalon, the scenes described are different. There, too, there was a handover between civilians and soldiers. But in this stronghold for the UFDG, the party’s opponents Cellou Dalein Diallo, residents gathered in front of the building where the ceremony took place to express their displeasure or anger at the outgoing governor, according to several stories.


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