the installation conditions for Minembwé municipality are still causing tensions


In the DRC, the quarrel continues over the installation conditions for the rural municipality of Minembwe, the majority of whose inhabitants are Banyamulenge, Tutsicongolais. RFI met the city mayor.

with our special correspondent in Minembwe, Sonia Rolley

On Monday, the minister of decentralization from the Banyamulenge community was arrested by deputies in the assembly. He reminded that it was in the power of the provincial government and not his to install the city. The provincial minister replied, yesterday Tuesday, that it was at the request of Azaria Ruberwa that the installation report was created. The Prime Minister’s entourage condemned the opportunistic nature of the reaction, as the provincial minister had made opposing remarks a few days earlier.

Gabi Mukiza Nzabinesha is the most controversial mayor of Congo. This former Munyamulenge professor, although he was appointed in 2018, officially took office in February 2019 as his deputy from a society that is now a competitor. “He’s Babembe,” the mayors explain to us, but he always agrees to be deputy mayors.

#RDC #Minembwe: Paradoxically, the issue of Minembwe, including all communities, the longer interlocutors are from the conflict zone, the more inflammatory and irrelevant the comments are. In the highlands, the prospects are more measured

Sonia Rolley (@soniarolley) October 18, 2020

For Gabi Mukiza Nzabinesha, behind the controversy over the creation of Minembwe municipality is a problem of historical discrimination … Banyamulenge are shepherds, Babembes are farmers with recognized usual chiefs who give them the right to the land … “Banyamulenge was not well integrated , not even at the time of Mobutu. ” Choosing a deputy was complicated, mayors continue. “Doubtful nationalities have come, and that’s what’s bouncing back now …”

An “old demon” who has no place to be, say bourgmesters since Banyamulenge was installed in Minembwemême long before independence. This is evident from documents prepared by Belgian settlers, he explains. As for the municipality itself, it was set up by the state, he assures, to strengthen its authority over an area considered difficult to administer since Marshal Mobutu.

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