Towards the resumption of MédiS, the only production facility for


MédiS, the country’s only pharmaceutical factory, has been closed since January 2020 due to financial difficulties. The launch of the site, announced “before the end of September”, is not yet effective, but “on track”, according to management and unions. President Macky Sall has repeatedly called for the resumption of MediS operations, in the name of pharmaceutical sovereignty.

as reported from Dakar, Charlotte idrac

The only machine in operation is a pump to suck up rainwater. On the MédiS website in Thiaroye, closed for 20 months now, Nicodème Ngom, staff representative, sees the “end of the tunnel” for the approximately 300 employees and day workers.

“We can see the light. There is a need for workers who have been without pay for more than 20 months. This time we really believe in it. The first thing you should do is pay contributions to the staff. Hopefully it’s okay … “

The company must be relaunched with the support of the state, which will inject 5.5 billion CFA francs, emphasizes the production manager, including 3 billion initially. “But the process must be completed,” specified Abdoul Aziz Cissé, who did not provide a specific date for the effective resumption.

Médoune Diop is the spokesman for the workers. For him, the resumption of MédiS will be a first step towards the goal of “health sovereignty” shown by the head of state. “The president has already spoken three or four times about the opening of MédiS. It is the only pharmaceutical industry through which it can already pass for this sovereignty. Hopefully we can do a little to fight Covid-19. ”

According to management, after payment of funds, it will take “at least 6 to 8 weeks of preparation before the first products can be released”.


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