90mins final European power ranking 2020/21: Week 21


After a week there:

– Paris Saint-Germain did not lose a Champions League knockout stage.

– Pep Guardiola also did not lose a Champions League knockout game.

– And AS Roma did not bottle, yes, a game of football.

We here at 90 minutes DEPR headquarters saw Minari, and it was great, so we will use quotes from the movie to rank the best teams in Europe.

Jesse Lingard has been on fire | Pool / Getty Images

“Working outdoors makes me feel alive.”

Working in Manchester was not for Jesse Lingard – maybe because of the weather (it usually rains there). During the last three years in Manchester playing for Man Utd, he had managed to score five moderate Premier League goals.

After coming out of the north and moving down to sunny old Stratford, Lingard looks again. The English national team player has picked up eight Premier League goals in nine games for West Ham and is back to his very best.

Sporting are still unbeaten in the league this season Octavio Passos / Getty Images

“This is the best dirt in America.”

Sporting CP 2020/21 league form:

Played: 26Water: 20Dras: 6Lost: 0

Beat Primeira Liga all you want, call it a “peasant” if you will, but do not throw away Sporting CP – they are ridiculously good.

Lille is top in Ligue 1 | Marcio Machado / Getty Images

“Glad you’re here.”

It is now April and LOSC Lille is still top in Ligue 1.

How? We’re not really sure.

However, we are happy that they are, because without them PSG would cross to another league title.

Villarreal have reached the semi-finals of the Europa League | Quality Sport Images / Getty Images

“They have to see me succeed in something for once.”

Fun fact: Villarreal have never won a major trophy (no, the Intertoto Cup does not count).

So now, in the Europa League semi-final and in eight matches, it looks like it’s about time Villarreal succeeded once.

Manchester United beat Granada | Stu Forster / Getty Images

“Never pay for anything you can find for free.”

Manchester United should probably have gone out and signed a striker of the type Erling Haaland this summer – a striker who guarantees goals in big matches.

But as the saying goes: why pay for something you can find for free?

Instead of signing Haaland or Harry Kane, Man Utd settled for free agent Edinson Cavani. And while he will only hold one season at Old Trafford (he wants to return to South America in the summer), it’s fair to sign Cavani was a pretty good idea.

In recent weeks, Uruguayan has been worth its weight in goals, hitting a great dive head against Tottenham Hotspur and scoring in the second round of the Europa League quarter-finals. Nice.

Thomas Tuchel has done a fantastic job at Chelsea | Fran Santiago / Getty Images

“We said we wanted a fresh start. This is it.”

Chelsea fans said they wanted a fresh start after the Maurzio Sarri debacle, and they have.

It may be a few seasons later than planned, it may be under the leadership of someone other than Frank Lampard, but this is it – the new start and a first Champions League semi-final since 2014.

Lukaku is the principal at Inter | Marco Luzzani / Getty Images

“I’m not cute, I look good!”

Inter is not a fun team to watch.

They do not play “beautiful” football.

However, do Inter fans care when they have won their last 11 league games on the bounce and have only finished their first Scudetto in a decade?

No, not a bit.

Neymar and PSG go through a new UCL semi-final | Matthias Hangst / Getty Images

“Getting hurt is part of growing up.”PSG have suffered a lot of pain in the Champions League over the years, and that has apparently only made them mentally stronger.

This newly discovered mental strength was shown in Les Parisien’s second leg meeting with Bayern Munich. With their backs to the walls for a full 90 minutes, PSG held on when they might not have a few years ago.

Real Madrid is back to its best | Shaun Botterill / Getty Images

“If you’re here for the first time, please stand.”

Real Madrid are in the UEFA Champions League semi-finals.

It just sounds right.

Los Blancos have been in the semifinals for nine of the last 11 seasons and have won four UCLs during that period. That experience alone may be enough to see them again for another final this year.

Let’s gooooooo !!! ? pic.twitter.com/MNUFLcIXqV

– Kevin De Bruyne (@DeBruyneKev) April 14, 2021

“Minari is really the best.”

Yes, Manchester City is at the top of the 90-minute final European Power Rankings this week.

Of course they are.

They are in the Champions League semi-finals, they have basically won the Premier League, they are in the FA Cup semi-final and the Carabao Cup final.

They really are the best team in Europe right now, and no one is really that close.

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