Adrian Heath reflects on Minnesota United after a 3-1 loss to the Timbers


Minnesota United FC saw their MLS playoff dream for 2021 come to an end on Sunday after suffering a 3-1 loss to the Portland Timbers in the first round.

The Loons opened the scoring in the first half before conceding three straight goals in the 66th minute.

United head coach Adrian Heath revealed that he was pleased with how his team responded to the difficult season, but admitted that his form was too irregular to create success.

“I think one of the words I would use is inconsistent,” Heath said. “I do not think we have been as consistent as we can be with the group we have. Obviously we have had large parts of the season where our front players were not available, whether it is Emanuel Reynoso, whether it is Robin Lod, whether it is Franco Fragapane, and I do not think it has helped us.

“But we are dusting off, the players have some time off, they are recharging the batteries and we will come back again and we will hopefully come back stronger. But this is definitely the best group we have had since then. I have been here so if we can add to that, which will be our goal during the off-season, to add one or two parts to it, to make us stronger in certain areas, that’s what we will do. “

Midfielder Wil Trapp repeated Heath’s thoughts and agreed that the low season’s focus must be on maintaining better form during the regular season of 34 games.

“This match was a bit of a microcosm for the season. You have good moments, you do not have such good moments and in the end we did not get out where we wanted to be. I think the course of the season showed that in our group,” said Trapp.

“The reasons for that, at the moment I do not have the exact answer. I think there is always something where you look at the start. If we start badly, how are we going to figure it out, and I think we did a good job with the.”

Heath has not yet announced a decision on the 2022 list, but his comments indicate that he feels that Minnesota’s core is in place and that no major changes are needed. The team now has weeks to prepare before the MLS season 2022 starts on 26 February.

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