Borussia Dortmund’s plan to retain Erling Haaland after 2022


Borussia Dortmund are working on a lucrative contract offer to persuade superstar striker Erling Haaland to stay at the club after the end of this season.

Haaland, who has scored 70 goals in 69 games since joining the club for just € 20 million in January 2020, has become the most sought-after forward in Europe and is widely tipped to leave during the summer when he releases € 75 million (€ 63 million). pound) clause in his current contract becomes active.

The maximized figure will make Haaland a steal in the transfer market as his real value, given his current ability and long-term potential, is undoubtedly at least twice as much as € 150-200 million.

Chelsea were very interested in the Norwegian before they turned to the primary goal Romelu Lukaku for this season, while such as Manchester United, Manchester City and Real Madrid will be on the market for a striker in 2022.

Chelsea have even been tipped to go back for him, even though he has already landed Lukaku. Paris Saint-Germain could also be an option, depending on what Kylian Mbappe’s future looks like.

But Dortmund, who lost Jadon Sancho to Manchester United in July, are understandably keen to keep their best player. As such, Sky Deutschland has reported that the club is preparing to offer Haaland double his current salary, which would take his salary up to 18 million euros per year.

An important motivation for the club in a new agreement would be to postpone the activation of his release clause until 2023. It is said that Dortmund hopes that Haaland’s decision will also take into account how stable he has been since he came and his good relationship with the club.

The special example that Dortmund hopes to be able to follow is Dayot Upamecano, who agreed to stay at RB Leipzig 2020 when he had offers to leave, which gave the club another year before he finally joined Bayern Munich for this season.

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