England are considering protesting against Qatar when the World Cup qualifiers are secured


England defender Conor Coady has revealed that he and his teammates will discuss how they can use their platform to highlight Qatar’s terrible human rights after securing the World Cup qualifiers.

The Three Lions only need one point from their game in San Marino to book their place in next year’s tournament, which should prove to be a formality given that Elritsa has never won a match in its competition history.

It was reported on Sunday that Qatar is sending out migrant workers who have helped build important infrastructure for the tournament on unpaid leave for five months.

Qatar has received much criticism for its treatment of workers ahead of the World Cup, where the Norwegian, German and Dutch national teams all made high-profile protests.

Coady, who is part of England’s leadership committee, said the three lions will discuss how to express their concerns when their place in the tournament is over.

“Obviously we see quite a lot in the news right now – but we’ve always said we make sure we do our job first,” he told the Daily Mail.

“We make sure to try to get to that competition as quickly and as positively as we can and then I’m sure the conversation will be with the players.

“An incredible thing that comes out of this England squad is that people are trying to make a difference all the time. People are trying to use that platform. If there is any way that players can help, I’m sure we as part of England’s setup should try to do so.

“At the moment it is difficult to talk about it because it is not something we have had a real conversation about.

“In the next few months, it’s something we’ll have a conversation about, as players, as a team, as individuals and really watching what’s going on.”

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