Frank Lampard praises the Chelsea star


Former Chelsea coach Frank Lampard has admitted that the rise of Mason Mount is his most positive memory from his 18 months in charge of the Blues.

Lampard, who gave Mount his first loan deal with Derby County in the 2018/19 season, received a ridiculous amount of criticism for putting so much trust in Mount, but he has since proved to be right as the England international continues to flourish into a crucial players for both club and country.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Lampard was more than happy to be lyrical about Mount, and he also opened up about his feelings towards the club and even touched on his plans for the future.

Here’s what he had to say.

Lampard gave Mount his big break | Robin Jones / Getty Images

“I’m very happy. I never understood the critics. He’s constantly evolving. His performance was a draw. He had never played in an English league, the championship is a tough league, but when he went through the door, I could see something special in him … his quality, his work ethic, I really trusted him.

“At Chelsea, there were established players in those positions. One thing I can be happy about is being a part of that story for Mason from an early age. You see him mature pretty quickly.

“First of all, it was attitude and mentality. There was something about him when he played, it was an awareness of what was around him. I was sure it would be a difficult ride for him in the championship.

“He will continue to develop and he will be a great player. A nice feeling for me when I left Chelsea I made Mason captain. It was no gesture, I did not know I was leaving at that time. I wanted to show Mason that “His authority and position within the group had increased. When you have players who have that care, it does not matter who the boss is. As you can see, I like him a lot.”

Lampard does not regret taking the job Pool / Getty Images

“I really appreciate the opportunity I got to manage Chelsea. It was an incredible time. Everyone knows how I felt about the club.

“From the restart until the time I left, to not have fans … I absolutely missed them. I knew as a player what it meant to me and I knew what effect it has on games. It felt like the edge was removed. When I read the headline about fans who are back, it’s so exciting. Yes, can not wait for it. “

Lampard is in no hurry to return Marc Atkins / Getty Images

“Football has first consumed my life as a player and then as a manager. No one wants to lose their job. But when you go into this career it can happen, no matter how good you think you are. It has given me much more time to It’s been great to be in the family.

“I have had some opportunities that have arisen in the last six weeks, two months, that have been flattering, but not right. They were not quite right.

“It would be something I am very anxious to do at the right time and place. My eyes are always on it. I always watch football and try to get better. I will try to find the right time and the right opportunity. I am very anxious about to work again.

“Like I said, how much it consumes you when you’re in it is a big deal. You can’t take away your love of the game. I like to stay involved.”

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