Gregg Berhalter “strongly dislikes” Mexico’s football team


U.S. men’s national team head coach Gregg Berhalter admitted that the American side “disapproves” of Mexico’s football team after winning against them in Cincinnati on Friday night.

The tension between the two countries is nothing new. The rivalry between the United States and Mexico is considered one of the most intense in the history of football, which began in 1934 and escalated every year.

Teams usually take out their frustrations against each other on the pitch, but this time USMNT’s head coach Berhalter made the situation very clear.

“We strongly dislike Mexico’s football team, right, and we are tough competitors and we want to win every time on the pitch,” said Berhalter.

“We talked about how we thought they did not think they gave us enough respect, and we had to go out and earn it and I think we went out and earned it today.”

The tables turned on Friday when the American side defeated its rival for the third time in a row, a moment that the US head coach believes finally got Mexico’s praise.

USMNT and Lille player Timothy Weah repeated his coach’s thoughts.

“Before the game, Mexico talked a lot of smack, and hitting them closes them,” Weah said. “We have to keep winning matches and keep beating them, and that’s the only way we’ll deserve their respect.”

Before concluding, Berhalter made it a point to talk about the respect that USMNT has for its opponents, regardless of the tension.

“Afterwards you shake hands and move on. We have a lot of respect for them.”

The victory inspired the American side to climb to the top of the Concacaf table with 14 points in six games, which barely took Mexico out of the lead with a higher goal difference.

They travel to Jamaica on Tuesday when the World Cup qualifiers continue.

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