Harry Maguire rushed back from the injury


Manchester United captain Harry Maguire is not thought to have been in shape when he recently returned from injury, as he played poorly in performances against Leicester, Atalanta and Liverpool.

Maguire had problems with his calf in the Premier League loss to Aston Villa in September. He then missed a win over Villarreal in the Champions League and a draw against Everton.

But with Raphael Varane also sidelined for injury at the time, Maguire was suddenly thrown back into action faster than expected. However, United scored 11 goals in their first three matches and his under-pair performances in those matches indicated that he was not ready to play.

A report from the Daily Telegraph has now claimed that Maguire “hurried” back to play and was still “up to 10 days away” from being ready when he started against Leicester.

At the time of his return, the United skipper had only had a day of proper training on grass to prepare. His match condition was therefore lacking and it turned out.

The Telegraph adds that “well-placed sources” suggest that Maguire should at least have missed the Leicester match, for which Varane was already ruled out, and a decision on his availability to face Liverpool a week later was taken closer.

Maguire was guilty of several goals during the 5-0 draw at Old Trafford.

The 28-year-old is starting to get better now that he has several games behind his belt to build up his match condition, but United will once again miss Varane.

The summer signing suffered a hamstring injury in the first half against Atalanta this week and early estimates suggest he could be ruled out for up to four weeks until early December. That would mean missed matches against Manchester City, Watford, Villarreal, Chelsea and Arsenal.

Victor Lindelof has also recently suffered an injury problem, which resulted in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer having to leave his new back-three system after less than one and a half matches with it.

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