Henry criticizes Wenger’s World Cup plans


Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has questioned former boss Arsene Wenger’s proposal to carry the World Cup each two years – a warning that it might be exhausting for gamers.

Wenger has repeatedly emphasised his need to rejuvenate the worldwide soccer calendar, together with his most radical plan because the controversial concept of ​​holding extra World Cups in an try to focus extra on event soccer.

It’s a proposal that has been met with important criticism from followers, specialists and gamers, and now Henry has chimed in by encouraging Wenger to really focus on the concept with present gamers to see how little they really need extra World Cups.

“Are you (FIFA) asking the current players what they think of it?” Henry requested former Man Utd goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, who has publicly supported FIFA’s proposal (through the Associated Press). “I played four World Cups and (three) euros and I got out of them mentally.

“And it’s not about the matches I played in it, it’s the preparations for the World Cup, to come back from the World Cup after a season in your club. So if you play it every two years, it’s mentally difficult for a player.”

In response, Schmeichel acknowledged that he was struggling with the physical demands of the World Cup and actually blamed mental fatigue for his decision to leave United, but he insisted that more major tournaments would still be positive.

“I made a really bad decision in my career,” Schmeichel said. – When I came out of a World Cup I was completely mentally exhausted and I made a decision to leave Manchester United because I was not in a state where I could make such a big qualified decision as that.

“Every other year, your holiday goes by. You’re right back. ”

Henry continued to fret about psychological well-being and insisted that Wenger’s proposal for a 25-day break after tournaments would merely not suffice.

“It took me more than 25 days to recover,” Henry mentioned. “Arsene suggests 25 days – physically yes, mentally no.”

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