Jose Mourinho reacts to Antonio Conte’s appointment at Tottenham


Jose Mourinho has claimed that Tottenham already had a “very good coach” in Nuno Espirito Santo before the club decided to leave him in favor of Antonio Conte.

Spurs won five and lost five of their first ten Premier League games during Nuno this season, but the way some of those defeats – especially the 3-0 draw against an injured Manchester United – resulted in the former Wolves boss being sacked Monday.

Serie A and Premier League title winner Conte signed an 18-month contract with the club in north London on Tuesday, which immediately lifted the mood around Spurs after what had been a seriously sad start to the campaign.

Part of the bad mood can be attributed to Mourinho, who supervised a terrible form from the beginning of 2021 until he was fired in April. He has now given his verdict on their latest change of boss.

“I think Conte is a good coach, but Nuno is a very good coach,” he said.

“He did a fantastic job at Wolverhampton for 4-5 years, not a year or a few months. That’s why I say Tottenham have a very good coach now, but so did Nuno.”

The two coaches had a famous spit when Conte was in charge of Chelsea and Mourinho was at Manchester United.

Although it started with Mourinho being unhappy with Conte’s prank during Chelsea’s 4-0 win over United in 2016, the fuss continued over time, with the former suggesting he was thinking of the latter as a “clown” for his exuberant celebration. Conte often called his Blues predecessor a “little man” after a 0-0 draw against Norwich.

It looked like the pair would face Serie A this season when Mourinho got the Roma job, but Conte left Inter before they got the chance. Now that he has taken the reins in Spurs, however, they can meet in the Europa Conference League at some point.

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