LA Galaxy News: Vanney works with Lletget in case of crime


LA Galaxy head coach Greg Vanney has revealed how to work to turn Sebastian Lletget into more of an attacking threat.

The USMNT midfielder is a steady presence for Galaxy, who expertly keeps possession ticking with precision driving and calm.

But one criticism that is often directed at the 29-year-old is the lack of results in the last third in relation to his ability. Before Galaxy 2-2 drew with FC Dallas on Saturday, Lletget had actually succeeded with only 28 goals and 20 assists in 173 games for the club.

But Lletget was placed in a much more advanced role as a substitute at half-time on Saturday and found space in the box with a late run to make up an equalizer in the 83rd minute when LA came from 2-0 down against Dallas, just his second MLS season goal.

When he spoke to reporters after the match, Vanney revealed that he had worked close to Lletget to get more out of him in the final third.

Lletget’s heat map against FC Dallas via SofaScore

“Yes, we’ve been talking to Sebastian most of the last week about taking higher positions, being more dangerous, being more dangerous assists,” said Vanney.

“His tendency as a player, and he’s outstanding at keeping possession, spinning, doing all these things. But you know, when I talked to him for a while yesterday, I want him not to play to his standard, which is me. want him to play, to attack and create chances and score goals.And if not, go to your standard next.

“Do not just go to your standard in the beginning and he breaks the boundary and runs through and takes a chance that really meant the difference in the game. And it was an aggressive run that I do not know, you can ask him, but maybe for one and a half week ago or two weeks ago, he does not, he sits a bit and tries to find the ball at his feet.But in this game he has really tried this last week and I thought he was very good in the last match too. this week he has really tried to emphasize more offensive runs, get himself higher on the pitch, all such things, which I think is what will make him more influential in matches. “

Lletget himself says that his work with Vanney is part of a larger attempt to really learn his place in his side. In the end, it will only make him more adaptable and valuable by adding an attacking edge to his game.

“We have had these ongoing conversations and I have tried to take it on because of the disruption and the rhythm and that I do not have the consistent number of matches due to scheduling and things like that,” Lletget told reporters.

DA BOY WITH DA FINISH! @SamuelGrandsir makes Pepi disappear and @SLletget with the karate finish to COMPLETE!

– LA Galaxy (@LAGalaxy) October 24, 2021

“I’m just trying to really learn my place in this team positionally and obviously we try so many different things and some things work, and some things do not. Sometimes we have an opponent who plays a certain way, and we “It was a good conversation we had before this match that I just have to keep thinking ahead because I know I can do it, it’s just one of those things. I just have to keep building on it.”

After a slump in form, Galaxy is now undefeated in their last four matches and takes eight points during that time.

Vanney’s side are five and over the playoffs with three games in the regular season, with a trip to Sporting Kansas City on Wednesday.

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