Landon Donovan scolds Juventus midfielder


Landon Donovan has harshly criticized US midfielder Weston McKennie after he was dropped from the squad for violating the Covid-19 protocol.

The 23-year-old was disregarded of the American staff that made a 1-1 draw with Canada in a World Cup qualifier in 2022 on Sunday.

After the match, head coach Gregg Berhalter confirmed (by way of Eurosport): “Weston will return to Italy and will not be available for the match against Honduras due to a breach of team policy.

“There are excessive expectations of those that are a part of the US males’s nationwide staff, and to be able to succeed, it will be important that everybody within the group is accountable.”

McKennie boarded a flight back to Italy after violating the Covid-19 guidelines – which he confirmed on his Instagram – and his actions have led to a furious outburst from former player Donovan, who is currently manager, co-founder and Vice President of Football Operations for San Diego Loyal SC.

Here’s what a passionate Donovan informed Grant Wahl in his podcast.

“I’m conscious of what occurred. I won’t announce it publicly. I’ll simply say, I’m extremely dissatisfied in Weston, extremely dissatisfied.

“Look, I can understand at Juventus, during a long club season you sit at home for months and months and months and you want people over. Is that the smartest thing to do? No, but I understand that. This is a week in your life with three massive matches, not only for yourself but for your teammates and for your country, to go to a World Cup and the level of selfishness in that moment, is beyond me, honestly, it is beyond me.

“I’ve made loads of silly errors in my life, I perceive. I’m not right here to be honest, however he is younger. Yes, however he is sufficiently old to grasp that you simply don’t do that, you should not have to take a seat down. your self in this example and worse, put your staff in that scenario.

Weston McKennie confirms by way of Instagram that he’s suspended for violating the staff’s # COVID19 protocol. #usmnt

– Jeff Carlisle (@JeffreyCarlisle) September 5, 2021

“Would they have won the match if he was on the pitch yesterday? I do not know, but their chances increased a lot, I promise, if he was on the pitch and their chances of winning or getting a point in Honduras go up ton on Wednesday if he is and line-up.

“I’m actually dissatisfied in him. It doesn’t imply that you simply write about him and that he’s a horrible individual. He must study from this. But this could by no means occur once more. It is nearly not possible to restore and he has loads of work to do along with his teammates to make certain he by no means does something like that once more as a result of you lose confidence in your teammate.

“This is their livelihood, these guys want to go to a World Cup. Christian knows how it feels to sit on the field in Trinidad and cries because he did not go to a World Cup and you can not put your team in that situation, so it “He’s actually disappointing. I hope he is apologized an excessive amount of. I hope he could make the journey on Wednesday for the recreation, and he has to do properly. He actually does.”

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