Leeds News: Go all-out for Sergio Aguero


Since it was announced that Sergio Aguero will leave Manchester City, Europe’s big boys have been circulating in an attempt to seal his signature.

Chelsea, Inter, Barcelona and Arsenal are four of many sides keen to sign Aguero on a free transfer, but as part of their continued refusal to settle for the biggest sides, Leeds are right there in the hunt.

90min exclusively revealed that Marcelo Bielsa is hatching a plan to lure the 32-year-old over to Elland Road this summer, in a move that would be extremely complicated but also very fun.

Bielsa plans a bold swoop for Aguero | Pool / Getty Images

Leeds will not be blind to the difficulties in their quest for one of the greatest strikers in Premier League history. At the end of the day, they do not have Champions League football or bottomless salary budgets that most of their rivals can offer Aguero.

What they have, however, is one of the most exciting football brands that is as close to a guaranteed amount of boats as you are likely to find, and for a man who wants to come across his Premier League numbers, that may be the key.

As we’ve seen with Patrick Bamford’s inflated goal this season, it’s pretty good for your reputation to be a striker in Leeds. You get many opportunities to score goals, and if you are good, you celebrate a lot.

Bamford shines against Leeds | Naomi Baker / Getty Images

12 months ago it would have seemed like a ridiculous question, but now Bamford’s merit is considered one of England’s most dangerous finishers.

What he does is so important to Leeds that it’s hard to imagine anyone else lining up in his lone striker, and truthfully Aguero would probably not start at that point over Bamford. It is not a question of skill but rather suitable for the team.

However, Bielsa likes to find ways to squeeze another striker into his attitude. Rodrigo and Tyler Roberts have played as glorified midfielders at times this season, and another tactical distortion may be in the offing if Aguero are looking for a few minutes.

Bielsa knows nothing but to attack, attack, attack, and it is safe to say that it will please Aguero. He’s about creating chances and getting to the end of balls in the box, and thanks to the likes of Raphinha and Jack Harrison, there are many goals to offer.

The opportunity to play with Raphinha should give Aguero special excitement. Few foes beat fear in the heart of Premier League defenders as a 24-year-old, whose ability to get the ball in the box makes him a dream come true for all strikers.

Aguero would have many chances to increase its numbers Gareth Copley / Getty Images

This is not to say that Raphinha is the only man who can pick up Aguero – Harrison and Mateusz Klich both boast some of the best shooting statistics in the entire Premier League. Leeds are not one-dimensional and Bielsa ensures that his side can create chances from all angles at any given time.

For someone with above-average instincts, there will be plenty of chances, but imagine what someone with the elite positional sense of Aguero can do with the entire Leeds squad picking him out time and time again.

For Aguero, there are goals to be achieved. For Leeds, there are victories.

Signing Aguero would be a signal of Leeds’ intention | Pool / Getty Images

Aguero is as close to a winning cheat code as you are likely to find in Europe, and while signing him would not necessarily mean a flood of trophies on Elland Road, it would easily ensure a steady rise up the league table and a huge blow to Leeds’ reputation. .

It’s a move that would benefit everyone involved, and while Aguero may have more glamorous offerings on his table, he will not find many more fun than this one.

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