Luis Suarez on how Atleti plan to defeat Liverpool in the UCL


Luis Suarez has revealed how Atletico Madrid plan to beat Liverpool in the Champions League on Wednesday night.

Atletico were defeated 3-2 at home by the Reds on match day 3, in a dramatic match where Antoine Griezmann was sent off for the hosts who had previously been given a position.

Suarez remained on the bench for the match in Madrid, but with Griezmann suspended, he is expected to start in the middle of the week.

When he spoke to before the match, the former Liverpool favorite reflected on the defeat of his current team.

“I think in this type of game, against big teams and in the Champions League, details can go against you,” he said. “Every little detail, the slightest mistake, a millisecond when you’re distracted … in the Champions League you pay for it. It’s obvious.

“If you do not play from the first to the last signal with conviction, with personality and the desire to win, if you are distracted in a Champions League match, you pay for it.

“I think that was what happened against Liverpool. We started very well, but they are strong and intelligent and very experienced, and they were ahead for the first 20 to 25 minutes, until we came back in the game.

“I think in the second half, after Antoine Griezmann was sent off, we were a little behind because we had one man less, but we continued to play at the same level. The tempo was very high and they started attacking a little more until the penalty. “

Although Atletico fought Liverpool last time out, they have defeated the Reds at Anfield recently. In March 2020, Diego Simeone’s team secured a 3-2 victory after extra time in the second half of the pair’s round of 16, which ended the Reds’ hopes of retaining the Champions League.

Asked how Atleti planned to repeat the trick on Wednesday, Suarez said: “Obviously each team has its strengths and weaknesses. We know how good Liverpool are on the counter when they get the ball to their fast strikers.

“We know they have some weaknesses that we can exploit to our advantage and we should exploit them again in the next game. We have to be careful because, in addition to using these strengths, they have an extra player, which is the Anfield crowd, and it makes it harder for us. “

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