Rory Dames is accused of verbal and emotional abuse


Former Chicago Red Stars coach Rory Dames has been accused of verbal and emotional abuse by several players.

The news comes a day after he resigned as coach of the National Women’s Soccer League team.

Rory Dames announced that he was leaving the team on Sunday, November 21, less than 48 hours after the Red Stars lost the final of the NWSL Championship 2-1 to Washington Spirit.

In the press release issued just before midnight local time, the Red Stars said that Dames had dropped out and that a search for a replacement would begin, but did not admit any ongoing allegations of abuse.

“Under Rory’s leadership, we have been a remarkably consistent and excellent club on the pitch,” the press release said, citing “Chicago Red Stars” rather than a club owner or manager.

“We are constantly evaluating our team and our front office environment, and given the dynamic change that is taking place in the league, it’s time to start the next chapter in Red Stars with a search for new leadership for the team.”

The Washington Post revealed on Monday that his resignation was prompted by an investigation into his behavior. Several players, including USWNT star Christen Press, had reported Dames to the American Football Association in 2018, according to the report.

“I think Rory is emotionally abusing players,” the Press wrote in a formal complaint that the Post saw. “He does not have a safe distance between himself and his players. He uses his power and status as a coach to manipulate players and get close to them.”

Since Posten’s report became public, the team has released another statement to show support for the players.

“We stand with the players who strongly advocate for change, and we are determined to do our part to ensure a safe environment for the league’s players, staff, volunteers and fans.

“In collaboration with our players, the Chicago Red Stars launched an independent review several weeks ago of the players’ health and safety and the team’s culture and work environment. We intend to implement all recommendations in that review that will strengthen our ability to give our players more power. to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard and to promote an environment of continuous growth. “

The NWSL Players Association (NWSLPA) also released a statement in support of players who brought charges against Dames.

“This type of coaching has no place in NWSL, youth football or anywhere else. We stand with Christen Press, Jen Hoy, Sam Johnson and all the players who come forward to speak out against abuse of any kind,” the statement read.

“We have said it before and will say it again now: the system has let us down. Through our investigation, we will look for the root causes of these systematic failures to prevent this from happening to future generations.

“Nothing less than a complete transformation of our league will suffice.”

The ladies’ resignation marked this year’s ninth coach change for the National Women’s Soccer League during a season marked by chaos. He will also be the fifth male coach to be fired for alleged misconduct.

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