The total Premier League table: 2021


2021 was a fun year for Premier League football.

Mohamed Salah defied the logic with his goal performance in Liverpool. David Moyes defied logic by making West Ham a legally sound football team. Norwich City defied the logic by being worse than we actually thought they would be.

Despite all this fun, the Premier League calendar year tells a beautiful, yes, ant-standard story.

Here’s that story:

City are good / Craig Mercer / MB Media / GettyImages

Played: 44Point: 110PPG: 2.5

Water: 36Ritat: 2Lost: 6

Goals for: 113Aims towards: 32Goal difference: +81

Chelsea won UCL / Sebastian Frej / MB Media / GettyImages

Played: 42Point: 83PPG: 1.98

Water: 24Ritat: 11Lost: 7

Goals for: 70Aims towards: 32Goal difference: +38

Salah is good / Clive Brunskill / GettyImages

Played: 41Point: 77PPG: 1.88

Water: 23Ritat: 8Lost: 10

Goals for: 81Aims towards: 38Goal difference: +43

Arsenal have been surprisingly good / Stephen Pond / GettyImages

Played: 41Point: 76PPG: 1.85

Water: 23Ritat: 7Lost: 11

Goals for: 71Aims towards: 43Goal difference: +28

Manchester United has had an interesting year / James Gill – Danehouse / GettyImages

Played: 41Point: 75PPG: 1.83

Water: 21Ritat: 12Lost: 8

Goals for: 72Aims towards: 47Goal difference: +25

West Ham United fly high / Mike Hewitt / GettyImages

Played: 41Point: 22PPG: 1.78

Water: 22Ritat: 7Lost: 12

Goals for: 73Aims towards: 51Goal difference: +22

Tottenham Hotspur’s new manager / Paul Harding / GettyImages

Played: 40Point: 66PPG: 1.65

Water: 20Ritat: 6Lost: 14

Goals for: 64Aims towards: 50Goal difference: +14

Leicester has had a Leicester year / James Williamson – AMA / GettyImages

Played: 40Point: 62PPG: 1.55

Water: 18Ritat: 8Lost: 14

Goals for: 70Aims towards: 63Goal difference: +7

Brighton ended the year on a top / Sebastian Frej / MB Media / GettyImages

Played: 40Point: 52PPG: 1.3

Water: 12Ritat: 16Lost: 12

Goals for: 39Aims towards: 39Goal difference: 0

Bielsa has been squatting for 12 months straight / Stu Forster / GettyImages

Played: 40Point: 52PPG: 1.3

Water: 14Ritat: 10 Lost: 16

Goals for: 50Aims towards: 60Goal difference: -10

An intermediate year for Wolves / Visionhaus / GettyImages

Played: 40Point: 49PPG: 1.23

Water: 13Ritat: 10Lost: 17

Goals for: 34Aims towards: 45Goal difference: -11

Benitez has a task in hand at Everton / Craig Mercer / MB Media / GettyImages

Played: 40Point: 49PPG: 1.23

Water: 13Ritat: 10 Lost: 17

Goals for: 42Aims towards: 58Goal difference: -16

Stevie sorts out Aston Villa / Justin Setterfield / GettyImages

Played: 42Point: 51PPG: 1.21

Water: 15Ritat: 6Lost: 21

Goals for: 51Aims towards: 60Goal difference: -9

Crystal Palace Improved / Sebastian Frej / MB Media / GettyImages

Played: 41Point: 48PPG: 1.17

Water: 12Ritat: 12Lost: 17

Goals for: 48Aims towards: 64Goal difference: -16

No bad start to PL life for Brentford / Chloe Knott – Danehouse / GettyImages

Played: 18Point: 20PPG: 1.11

Water: 5Ritat: 5Lost: 8

Goals for: 21Aims towards: 25Goal difference: -4

Sheffield United relegated / Pool / GettyImages

Played: 22Point: 21PPG: 0.95

Water: 7Ritat: 0Lost: 15

Goals for: 12Aims towards: 36Goal difference: -24

Southampton have been bad at the back / Dan Mullan / GettyImages

Played: 41Point: 38PPG: 0.93

Water: 9Ritat: 11Lost: 21

Goals for: 42Aims towards: 78Goal difference: -36

Burnley looks ready for the drop / Clive Brunskill / GettyImages

Played: 39Point: 34PPG: 0.87

Water: 7Ritat: 13Lost: 19

Goals for: 39Aims towards: 59Goal difference: -18

Newcastle United need to sort themselves out 2022 / Robbie Jay Barratt – AMA / GettyImages

Played: 42Point: 37PPG: 0.88

Water: 8Ritat: 13Lost: 21

Goals for: 48Aims towards: 80Goal difference: -32

WBA was bad last season / Pool / GettyImages

Played: 22Point: 18PPG: 0.82

Water: 4Ritat: 6Lost: 12

Goals for: 24Aims towards: 41Goal difference: -17

Watford need a miracle to stop / Marc Atkins / GettyImages

Played: 17Point: 13PPG: 0.76

Water: 4Ritat: 1Lost: 12

Goals for: 22Aims towards: 35Goal difference: -13

Fulham hit relegation 2021 / Ryan Pierse / GettyImages

Played: 23Point: 17PPG: 0.74

Water: 3Ritat: 8Lost: 12

Goals for: 14Aims towards: 30Goal difference: -16

Norwich is awful / Ryan Pierse / GettyImages

Played: 19Point: 17PPG: 0.53

Water: 2Ritat: 4Lost: 13

Goals for: 8Aims towards: 42Goal difference: -34

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