Thiago is not considering leaving Liverpool


Thiago has said that he does not intend to leave Liverpool, despite the latest rumors of a return to Barcelona, ​​and wants to achieve more with Jurgen Klopp’s team.

Injuries, covid-19 and lack of form disrupted the Spaniard’s first year at Anfield, although he still managed to make 30 appearances in all competitions.

Thiago has been injured again in 2021/22 but impressed during his first start in more than two months when Liverpool beat Arsenal 4-0 on Saturday. With a Champions League match with Porto on Wednesday, it is a new chance for the 30-year-old to find some rhythm.

Speaking before the match, Thiago revealed that he is only focused on Liverpool and reaching his goals.

“As I always have been, I’m a guy who plays football,” he said. “I’m not worried about the rumors. I’m focused on the duty I have with my team and the years I have a contract with my team.”

“I just want to know about this new adventure I have here in the Premier League and try to win all the trophies I can. And my commitment is maximized with this team.”

Asked if he made the right move when he left Bayern Munich for Liverpool last year, he added: “100% I made the right choice, the right move. You never know because the injury will make you stop your playing frequency, to know much more about how your team is performing on the field.

“You can watch your football every time and the theory is fantastic but the training is even better. I hate that I and my teammates were injured but it is part of our job and part of life. When we are in shape we must have as high performance as we can.

“Why did I come? Because I wanted to win and go away from my comfort zone and try new things and a fantastic, different football, the teammates I have here and Jurgen’s football.

“It’s football, it’s about learning. With my experience and knowledge in football, I can get better at learning new things, so why not?

“In the end, I want to win. That’s the biggest thing I have in mind, I want to be dominant in a match. Why not here with Jurgen and these teammates?”

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