What Tottenham fans can expect from Antonio Conte


So, Tottenham fans, excited? Are you ready to take the next step into the unknown?

With Nuno Espirito Santo defeated after some grim defeats against the likes of Crystal Palace, Arsenal and Manchester United, the club went fast to bring in Premier League and Serie A title winner Antonio Conte on a deal that runs until the end of next season.

Make no mistake, Tottenham are a mess right now, and it will take some time for the Italian to make his mark, especially given the lack of coaching the squad has received in recent years.

But what brand is it really? Well, we have a couple of 90-minute editors who will take you through everything you need to know from his time at Juventus and Chelsea.

Conte saved Juve / AFP / GettyImages

For Juve, we have the great calcio lover Jack Gallagher who guides you through …

Juventus endured their worst Serie A season ever in 2010/11, then Antonio Conte was named in the summer and they continued to win Scudetto the following year without losing a single league match.

It really tells you everything you need to know about Conte.

He goes to a football club and does everything with that football club better. The players who are already in the club are improving, the players who come into the club are of a higher caliber, and he even makes the style of play better (yes, do not listen to people on Twitter who think he does not play exciting football).

The truth is that the football Juventus played under Conte was the best I have ever seen the club play.

The team pressed like Jurgen Klopp’s BVB team on the go. It was amazing.

If you want to know what Conte’s team can be, check out the highlights from Juventus’ 4-0 win over Roma in 2012.

Conte also turned things around at Chelsea / Michael Regan / GettyImages

Here’s Tom Gott leading you through Conte’s spell with Chelsea …

Conte may come with a reputation for being defensive and boring, but his title-winning success at Chelsea was one of the funniest seasons Stamford Bridge has seen in recent memory. Of course, there was an increased focus on defending, but with two attacking outfielders, two wingers and a striker in the team, it is not the case that he did not want fun to score goals. Chelsea flew forward, overloading defense and dominating some of the toughest teams there are.

What Conte brought was an obvious passion for football and success. His highlight celebration was brilliant and is still warmly remembered to this day. He just wants to win football matches and will do whatever it takes to do so.

He demands absolute perfection from his players and is willing to give anyone a chance to offer it. Even Victor Moses became a superstar under Conte, so there is hope for even the ultimate fringe players at Spurs. Harry Winks remade?

What he brings with him, however, is an infamous short fuse that is ready to burst at any second. He texted Diego Costa to tell him to pack his bags because he could no longer care about his attitude, despite how obviously crucial he was to the team. Not perfect really.

Conte is an acquired taste, but it is clear that he does what he does because of his love of success.

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