“A project to protect national security in Hong Kong”

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In the Friday, May 22 press review: China’s mainland strengthens its hold on Hong Kong a little more? In Paris, time invites you to enjoy nature except that the closure of municipal parks and gardens due to coronavirus created controversy. And “Mortelle Adèle,” the disobedient little girl that parents don’t want – but whose youngest loves – is releasing a new album with her adventure.

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When the Chinese Parliament’s annual session opens, The China Daily headlines: “A plan to protect national security in Hong Kong.” The special administrative regional proposal “follows months of concern”, says The China Daily. It will “mean the end of Hong Kong”, particularly concerned with The Guardian, which specifically cites Chris Patten, the last British governor in the territory. He describes this decision as “a total aggression against autonomy, the rule of law and fundamental freedoms”.

In France, Le Figaro illustrates his first page of the day with a photo of the quays of the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris, taken by storm during this long sunny weekend of ascent: “Parisians have rushed to the rare space of capital” despite the rules of social distance which is in effect. “The government still does not allow the resumption of Paris parks and gardens. A decision that the mayor, Anne Hidalgo, which her right and center opponents do not understand.”

Finally, Mon Quotidien, a magazine for 10-13-year-olds, dedicates their first page to the youngsters “Mortelle Adèle, star of French comedians”, which releases their 17th album and a novel. “This child spends her time disobeying,” as defined by her author, who says she created the character to face harassment he suffered in college.

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