Antonio Guterres invites developed countries to solidarity

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres calls on developed countries to support developing countries in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

“The worst thing that can happen is to suppress the disease in developed countries, but to let it spread like a fire in developing countries, where millions of transmissions will take place, millions of people will die and the risk of mutation would be there,” which means that the virus could reappear so that even the vaccines that, I hope will soon develop, can no longer stop it. It is therefore in the interest of developed countries to support developing countries in their struggles, “said Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General.

Antonio Guterres also expressed satisfaction with the cumbersome approach between Israelis and Palestinians …

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“In the fight against -19, the Palestinian Authority and Israel have been able to work together, even though we know the extreme political divide that exists between the two. So I see a clear awareness emerging that it is time to stop the conflicts to focus our efforts in the real war that we are facing and it is the war against -19, “said Antonio Guterres, Secretary, UN General.

The call comes just a day after Guterres demanded a global ceasefire in all conflicts around the world to give nations time to fight the virus.

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