British police say taxi explosion in Liverpool a ‘terrorist incident’


An explosive device that detonated a taxi on Sunday in Liverpool, northern England, was carried on board by a passenger and the blast is considered a terrorist incident, police said on Monday.

Police said they believed they knew the identity of the passenger, who was killed in the blast, but could not reveal it.

“While the motivation for this incident is not yet understood, given all of the circumstances, it has been declared a terrorist incident and counter-terrorism police are continuing to investigate,” Deputy Chief Constable RussJackson of Counter-Terrorism Policing said. Northwest.

The taxi exploded outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital, killing the passenger and injuring the driver who received medical treatment but has since been released.

“Remarkably, the cab driver escaped from the cab,” Jackson said.

Three men, aged 29, 26 and 21, were arrested on Sunday, and police said on Monday that another 20-year-old man had been arrested.

Jackson told reporters the taxi driver picked up the passenger, who asked to be taken to hospital. He said it was not clear why he wanted to go to the hospital or what caused the device to suddenly explode.

The explosion took place a minute before the start of a Remembrance Day service to commemorate the war dead at nearby Liverpool Cathedral.

“We are of course aware that there were Remembrance events a short distance from the hospital and the ignition occurred shortly before 11 a.m.,” Jackson said.

“We cannot link it to that at the moment, but it is an avenue of inquiry that we are pursuing.”



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