“Deconfinement: a semi-liberty station wagon for this Ascension bridge”

In this press review of Thursday, May 21, 2020: the long weekend of the Ascension begins in the sun in France, but with health rules to respect. In Britain, crowded beaches make the headlines. And the Larousse dictionary reveals the words that make their entry.

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The summer temperatures at the start of the Ascension Bridge in France make you want to take advantage of leisure activities. But we are still in crisis. What Le Parisien / Today in France recalls: this is a “semi-liberty break”, since you have to “deal with the sanitary rules imposed by the coronavirus”.

The question of the sunny weather also arises in Great Britain. After the loosening of health restrictions, the crowd flocked to the coast yesterday, Wednesday, which was the hottest day of spring, said The Daily Telegraph. With a front page photo of a crowded English beach. Social distancing measures are supposed to apply to it …

Finally, the Point delivers exclusively the new words entering Larousse 2021, as “antivax”, which says of a “movement of opinion marked by an opposition to vaccination in general, which it calls into question the efficacy and safety”. When will we have words on the coronavirus? …

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