Egyptian daily Mada Masr still in the crosshairs of the regime

In the press on Monday, May 18, 2020, the arrest in Egypt yesterday of the editor of the independent Egyptian newspaper Mada Masr, Lina Attalah, finally released on bail a few hours later. And also: the emotion in Algeria, after the death, at the end of last week, of a young doctor, of the consequences of the coronavirus. And, in France, a Sunday mass in “drive in”.

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Front page news of the Egyptian daily Mada Masr is the arrest and release on bail of its editor, Lina Attalah, yesterday. Journal lawyer – whose independence and often critical tone towards Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi’s regime make him inaccessible in Egypt -, the journalist was arrested outside Tora prison , in Cairo, while interviewing a human rights activist, mother of opponent Alaa Abdel Fattah, currently detained and on hunger strike. Last November, the daily had already been the subject of a search, after which three journalists, including Lina Attacha, had been briefly arrested, before being finally released again.

Since the coming to power of Abdel Fattah al-Sissi in 2014, “a ruthless crackdown has broken out against Egyptian journalists, opponents and activists”, with Egypt occupying 166th place in the Reporters ranking without borders on press freedom, with 29 journalists currently imprisoned.

In the press also the death, on Friday, in Algeria, of the consequences of the coronavirus, of Wafa Boudissa. This 28-year-old doctor, eight months pregnant, had seen her repeated requests for leave refused by her hierarchy. His death aroused indignation in the country, still in the grip of a protest movement.

“How could this drama, which could have been avoided, have occurred in a context where prevention was essential, however?” : the newspaper Liberté-Algérie denounces a “deadly abuse of power”. Yesterday, the Minister of Health announced that he had terminated the functions of the director of the hospital where the young woman worked.

Wafa Boudissa, to whom the designer Dilem pays tribute, as well as to all the Algerian medical personnel, whom he shows sacrificed on the national flag, while he tries to stop the advance of the coronavirus. A drawing also published by Liberté-Algérie.

In France, the progression of the Covid-19 seems to be slowing down. But after a week of deconfinement, the situation is far from having returned to normal. Religious celebrations, in particular, continue to be prohibited. Never mind. In Châlons-en-Champagne, east of Paris, mass has restarted … by car, as Le Parisien reports. Yesterday, around 500 worshipers in some 200 vehicles parked in a parking lot to attend Sunday mass.

“This mass in the car is more than just troubleshooting,” commented the bishop of Châlons, who initiated the initiative. The faithful who wished to communicate were invited to come forward, lighting their hazard lights.

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