Former President José Eduardo dos Santos returns to Luanda


It is a discreet return that risks making a noise. Two years after his departure for Spain, former President José Eduardo dos Santos returned to Luanda on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, while members of his clan, in particular his daughter Isabel dos Santos, are being prosecuted for corruption.

Many times announced, this secret return of the former strongman of Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos, who led the country for 38 years, is therefore effective. The ex-president is also constitutionally protected. His status as former head of state effectively blocks all criminal prosecutions until 2022.

While her son, José Filomeno, was sentenced to five years in prison for embezzlement of public funds, that his daughter Isabel is suspected in many corruption cases, will the ex-president negotiate? This return was undoubtedly chosen by the current head of state and former Minister of Defense of dos Santos, Joao Lourenço. In fact, after being elected president and head of the MPLA, the ruling party, he initiated proceedings against the family clan.

For political scientist Olívio Kilumbo, despite his two-year exile, officially for medical reasons, José Eduardodos kept Santosa a real force of influence“It is a real legacy of Angolans, as he is the only former president still alive. He therefore has an important voice, because he can either succeed in playing a role of positive influence or exacerbate tensions,” he said.

No information was provided on how long the former head of state returned to the country. A journey that at least coincides with two important deadlines: the MPLA’s congress at the end of the year and the parliamentary elections in August 2022, which will lead to the appointment of the next head of state.

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