in an “investigation center” against contamination in Berlin

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In Germany, health brigade investigators are on the front line in the fight against Covid-19. These investigation cells are responsible for tracking the virus and breaking the chains of contamination. France 24 visited one of them in Berlin.

Berlin. In this investigation cell, 160 people take care of a district of approximately 87,000 inhabitants. “This is the heart of our pandemic strategy, our investigation center,” said the man. All the information about the virus converges here. “On this screen we see every day all the people we have contacted and whether they have symptoms.”

Screening the sick and tracing the chains of contamination, these are the main roles of this health brigade responsible for monitoring the epidemic in one of the largest districts of the German capital. The investigators are on the war footing to avoid cascading contaminations: they identify, inform and guide all those who have had direct contact with a patient

“Given the symptoms you describe to me, I strongly recommend that you take a test,” said the interviewer on the phone. “Under the new Covid-19 legislation, you are required to quarantine yourself for 14 days,” said another investigator.

And the work is far from over. “We now want to screen more widely and include in the tests not only relatives of the sick, but also all those with whom there have been fleeting contacts,” said Ephraim Gothe, city councilor in charge of health. More than 3 million tests have already been carried out since the start of the pandemic in Germany.

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