in Rome, large retailers continue to work despite fear

In Italy, affected for more than a month by the coronavirus epidemic, shadow workers continue to work despite the fear of contamination. Objective: continue to feed the population.

Despite the coronavirus crisis in Italy, activity continues at Ce.Di Gros, one of the largest agri-food distribution centers in Rome. Some 600 logisticians prepare and receive deliveries. Milk, oil, canned food, but also frozen products … In total, 4,000 tonnes of food pass through there every day.

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The presence of employees is essential to allow Italians to refuel. “We know that our work cannot be interrupted, otherwise we will break the chain,” said Gianluca Mirra, employee of Ce.Di Gros. This would cause problems for the community. “

“We can’t stop, what else do we eat?”

Every morning, Gregorio Mercurri braves his fear of contamination to come to work. He knows it: every truck that leaves the center helps the Italians to hold on. “We are afraid because we are in contact with a lot of people, like storekeepers and guys outside, recognizes the employee of Ce.Di Gros. But we cannot stop otherwise, what What do you eat? Did you see the queues at the supermarket? ”

After receiving the goods from the suppliers, the logisticians must then distribute them in the semi-trailers. Direction the supermarkets. A hundred trucks make two to three round trips a day to allow Italians to continue to stock up on supermarket shelves, while waiting to defeat the war against the coronavirus.

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