London Police Chief promise that illegal street parties will be tough as officers face more attacks

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London police will crack down on illegal street parties after officers were attacked for the second night driving while trying to disperse an unauthorized gathering, the capital’s police chief said on Friday.

When Britain raises its coronavirus lock, police have had to deal with a number of illegal parties and raves across the country.

“It’s hot, some people have been drinking way too much, some people are just angry and aggressive and others are totally violent,” said London Police Chief Cressida Dick.

The gatherings were illegal and should not happen, she said with warning: “We will close them.”

Her comments came hours after British police were attacked early on Friday while trying to disperse an illegal party overnight in west London, the second such incident in as many days.

Police said officers tried to spread an unlicensed music event near Colville Gardens, in west London, overnight.

“Objects have been thrown at officers who are spreading the crowd,” police say. “Violence is not tolerated.”

Police were injured in the Brixton illegal incident

Last night, 22 police officers were injured during an unauthorized music event in Brixton, south London.

Two officers and two people at the party were taken to hospital after “unlicensed music event” on Wednesday night.

Four people were arrested during the attack, which the Metropolitan Police Descriptor described as “totally unacceptable”.

Scotland Yard said it conducted an “improved police operation” throughout the capital to ensure there was an “efficient and prompt response to any reports or disturbances”.

In a Twitter post, Commander Bas Javid said: “Our role is to keep our communities safe and tonight, people can expect to see an increased police presence out in areas where we know these events are taking place.”

The increased police presence was “as a direct response to concerns expressed by our communities, many of whom were frightened and shocked by the events that took place outside their homes,” Javid said.


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