more than 4,000 dead and 56,000 cases in Spain

Spain has passed the 4,000 mark linked to coronavirus, with 655 deaths in 24 hours.

The spread of the coronavirus continues in Spain. With 655 deaths in 24 hours, the balance now stands at 4,088 dead, according to the balance sheet of the Ministry of Health communicated Thursday, March 26.

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The day before, the country recorded more deaths in the world, behind Italy and China. The Madrid region alone deplores more than half of the dead (with 2,090), ahead of Catalonia (672). The skating rink of the capital has been transformed into a giant morgue.

The government of the socialist Pedro Sanchez, who had put the country on alert on March 14, is preparing to extend for two weeks, until April 11, the almost total confinement of the 46.6 million inhabitants, including he praises behavior.

With AFP

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