more than 5 million cases worldwide, Latin America, a new source of contamination

About a third of the 91,000 cases reported since the start of the week were reported in Latin America, while just over 20% were reported in Europe and the United States.

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After China, Europe and then the United States, Latin America now has the highest number of cases of Covid-19 contamination.

Of the 91,000 cases reported since the start of the week, a third were reported in Latin America, while just over 20% were identified in Europe and the United States. In total, more than 5 million people are affected by Covid-19 in the world.

Brazil and Peru, particularly affected

Brazil has recently overtaken Western European countries to become the third largest epidemic focus in the world, behind the United States and Russia. Only the United States currently experiences a daily increase in the number of cases, stronger than Brazil.

Peru, the second most affected country after Brazil, crossed the 100,000 mark of contamination and 3,000 deaths on Wednesday, according to the Ministry of Health. While the country is in its ninth week of containment, the contamination and deaths have increased threefold since April 30.

Conversely, Uruguay and Costa Rica stand out for their success in the fight against the disease: contagion curves settle, lethality is low and the number of new cases limited.

Over 326,000 dead worldwide

The new coronavirus has now infected more than six people more than the total number of serious influenza cases reported each year, estimated by the World Health Organization (WHO) in less than six months.

The current pandemic has killed more than 326,000 people, the majority of whom are in Europe, although the true number is likely to be higher, as screening remains limited and many countries do not count deaths that occur outside hospitals.

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