Polish police say group of 50 migrants crossed border with Belarus


A group of around 50 migrants have crossed defenses on the border with Belarus and entered Poland near the village of Starzyna, police said on Sunday, as the situation at the border becomes increasingly tense.

Thousands of migrants traveled to Belarus in the hope of entering the European Union (EU), only to find themselves trapped at the border in freezing conditions.

The EU accuses Minsk of orchestrating the crisis to pressure the bloc over the sanctions it has imposed, but Belarus has repeatedly denied this. Some countries in the region have warned that the stalemate could escalate into a military conflict.

“Yesterday, before 5 pm, around 50 people broke into Poland near Starzyna,” Podlaska police said on Twitter.

All the people were captured by the Polish uniformed services and brought back to the border, border guard spokeswoman Katarzyna Zdanowicz told the Polish state news agency PAP.

Tensions high at Poland-Belarus border as migrants endure freezing cold

In total, Polish border guards said there were 223 attempts to cross the border illegally on Saturday. He said he expected another “big attempt” to cross the border.

Police also said the helmet of an officer on duty at the border was damaged after a stone was thrown at him.

Polish security service spokesman Stanislaw Zaryn wrote on Twitter Sunday about trucks carrying stones and rubble from Belarusian construction companies to areas near the border.



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