Social networks “undermine our democracies,” warns American billionaire Frank McCourt


In an interview with AXADLETM at the Paris Peace Forum, US billionaire Frank McCourt sharply criticized tech giants, saying social media “undermines our democracies”. The owner of French football club Olympique de Marseille told us more about his Project Liberty plan. He has invested $ 100 million in this initiative which he hopes will “transform the way the Internet works.”

The current technological architecture “is fundamentally flawed,” McCourt told AXADLETM, saying social media “is undermining our democracies”. His initiative is a “technological solution to a technological problem”, which aims to “empower people so that individuals own and control their data”.

McCourt also spoke about European football, profoundly transformed by the arrival of Saudi and Qatari investors. Even if he would put “the supporters of OM (Olympique de Marseille) and the energy that this club has against anyone’s checkbook”, he nevertheless considers “that it is important that there is a certain level of equal opportunity “.

Finally, the boss of OM criticized the idea of ​​a European Super League of football. The dozen-club fleeting plan angered many fans earlier this year.


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